About Us

We are a company with an overview of the competitive and demanding world, attentive to the most varied needs, always ready to give an effective response.

Classical Reason – Consulting and Investment Management Ltd (AMI license No. 10300) is a company dedicated to management, consulting and investment advisory in real estate, with qualified professionals in our team available to help you search for the best investments until the completion of your business in the most professional manner and adequate to each case.

We have a team of professionals from different backgrounds that range from legal, commercial, digital marketing to other services, so you can relax and know that your investments are in good hands.

Contact us and see the result of our attitudes that put you in the first place in our number one goal: Excellence!

What We Do

In the field, in the World and in life, we are always looking out for your interests.

Real Estate Investment Consulting

Real estate advice based on trust and our ongoing effort to meet the needs and requisites of our client.

Selection of the best investments in real estate, as well as the promotion of your properties in order to maximize the return and profitability of your assets, real and continuously, always giving priority to the safety and preservation of your greatest asset: your investment.

Tax Advisory and Procedure

Our client has the services of our legal team in order to be able to make its investments in a safe and clear way, with all the security and transparency in order to maintain and grow its investments.

We have extensive experience in the treatment of investment procedures relating to national and foreign citizens, including processes involving ‘Golden Visa’ or establishing residence in Portugal for foreign nationals.

Business Consulting

Throughout the course of several years we have closely followed the development of the business of many of our clients, priding ourselves to contribute to the success and growth of their companies. We optimize and accelerate the internationalization of companies with fast growing markets andstrategically contribute to the penetration of products and services tailored to each situation.

Why Invest in Portugal

Portugal is currently under the radar of international real estate investment and the increasingly significant transaction numbers show that the market is booming. With a wonderful climate, cuisine and people, Portugal is considered by many one of the world’s best countries to live in.

If we add the numerous tax benefits that foreign citizens can expect if they choose our country to live, Portugal is undoubtedly the right place to live and apply your investment in our company.

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Our Values


Monitoring of each contact from the beginning to the end of the whole process through exclusive dedication in search of adequate answers to their demands. For us, your contact is a source of pride in being able to serve you.


Total transparency of every step throughout the investment process, so that every day you know all the actions taken in order to ensure ‘excellence’ and ‘Professionalism’ applied to each case. We believe that the customer must be informed of all the actions of its individual investment process in the first place.


Our commitment and number one goal, that distinguishes us in the market from the beginning, is and always will be Excellence. For us, Excellence is not incidental, but the main goal to fulfill the original purpose of our relationship with you.


Through our Digital Marketing team, we apply the latest and most effective technology in each investment process in order to successfully ensure the completion of each business. Each process, wether a purchase or a sale, will benefit of the most advanced techniques in the promotion and research of the best solutions.

Where We Are

At various points throughout the world and on every continent, we have business partners who accompany us for several years, motivated and knowledgeable of the various realities around us, able to transmit security and local know-how, which is essential to the development of our customers’ businesses.


ClassicalReason – Gestão Investimentos, Lda
Alameda da Guia, 42 – 5º D
2750-368 Cascais – Portugal

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